From the recording When The Fear Subsides

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“When The Fear Subsides"
The new single from CT's Mourn the Light was recorded and mixed in the summer of 2020 at Studio Wormwood in Mansfield, CT, by Dave Kaminsky (recently known for his work with Bone Church, Fires in the Distance, and previously with Pinto Graham) and mastered by Ryan Williams (whose notable works include The Black Dahlia Murder, Fires in the Distance, and much more) at Augmented Audio in Los Angeles, CA.
The single will be featured on the band's first full length album 'Suffer, Then You're Gone', which will offer up 9 songs at a running time of 55 minutes.
The new single features a guest appearance on keys by Alex Newton (Wake of Sirens, Dzo-nga).
Influences range from the epic traditional doom metal of Candlemass to the power metal offerings of Iced Earth; Mourn The Light also channels the spirit of rock/metal predecessors Judas Priest, Uriah Heep, and the kings of melodic traditional metal... Iron Maiden.